Green Coffee

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Green Coffee

Our Green Coffee course. Giving you a worldwide recognized qualification in the coffee industry. SCA certification issued and trained by Authorized SCA Trainer
Experiences coffee processing from CQI certified processor, learn the foundation of planting, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing in one course. See the whole stream of coffee from farm to cup.

The Green Coffee Foundation course is designed to introduce basic concepts regarding the consuming side of green coffee. Participants will learn about the specialty coffee supply chain from seed to cup, including cultivation, harvesting, processing, drying, shipping, storage, and delivery. The principles of coffee growing, processing, grading, and trade and portfolio management are also explored. This course is designed for individuals with no previous experience with the green coffee part of the supply chain Objectives:
• Outline coffee species, global production volume, farm terms, and climate concerns
• Describe post-harvest processing methods, drying, milling, and sorting
• Identify basic shipping, storage, price risk management, and contract terms
• Learn to use sizing screens and analyze moisture content
Duration: 1 Day (including written and practical exam)

This course is designed to build on the knowledge gained in the Green Coffee Foundation course and prepare the student for more complex job functions found in the green coffee profession. Specifically:
• Botany and agronomy are developed further
• Processing is explored in more detail and quality as a result of processing is introduced as a concept
• Defects as well as positive grading variables are introduced to the student
• Core elements of green coffee contracts are introduced
• Grading and quality differentiation with regard to contracts is introduced
• Seasonality and quality storage variables are introduced as concepts
• Market terminology is developed further
• Decaffeination is developed further
• Mechanisms of certification are explored in further detail
Duration: 3 days (including written and practical exam)

This course is designed to build on the knowledge gained in the Green Coffee Intermediate course and prepare the student for managerial job functions found in the green coffee profession. Integration of green coffee knowledge with that in other CSP modules including sensory and roasting are also expected. Specifically, students will be tested on their ability to:
• Identify key aspects of coffee botany, and farm management
• Understand in detail the different stages of specialty coffee processing across the full range of methodologies found in producing countries
• Demonstrate an ability to identify a range of cup defects found globally in coffee
• Demonstrate how to analyze samples of green and roasted coffee for quality and defects
• Understand how to construct and manage green coffee portfolios in terms of volumes, cost, and time with reference to the changing market price of coffee
• Understand criteria forming the cost of green coffee production and how to apply this to contract negotiation
• Demonstrate how to identify coffees based on quality and volume parameters to suit client needs
• Understanding how to assess suppliers for their ability to meet criteria outlined in third party accreditation systems
Duration: 3 days (including written and practical exam)